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Wedding Vows

Wedding vows are something, which are easily neglected by some couples. With so many things to consider as your wedding day approaches, one thing is as important as the flowers, the dress, food and the cake and that are the wedding vows.

It matters not if you have planned a traditional wedding or you are getting married on the beach, wedding vows set the tone of the ceremony. Even more they give meaning to all that will happen on the most magical day of your life.

They can even give meaning to the marriage itself. Wedding vows are the soul of your wedding ceremony.

Even though wedding vows are usually taken from traditional ceremonies, in this day and age anything goes. Wedding vows can be short and sweet, funny, traditional or new age, romantic and personal or heartfelt and touching.

When deciding on the wedding vows it would be a wise idea to consider your faith and your fiancé's faith and background. In case you're having an intercultural or interfaith wedding the vows may have to change or adapt.

Also, the requirements of the minister or the official that will perform the ceremony may come into play. Once you've researched this aspect it will give you a better idea how much freedom you will be given when saying your wedding vows.

Think about the location, think about your nearest and dearest in the audience, but most of all think about what you want to say to your future lifelong partner. And, even if you have decided on traditional ceremony and therefore you have to use canonical wording, you can many times combine traditional wedding vows with non-traditional ones, to personalize the wedding ceremony.

The premise is that a wedding vow is a promise couples make to each other during the ceremony and as such they usually contain words of affection, permanence and unconditional love. It can be difficult to convey in words the love you are feeling and what this person means to you. Remember these words will stay with you and your partner and in both of your hearts forever.

Think about the good times you have shared with your partner and when you knew it in your heart that this was the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. If you are not able to put into words the love you are feeling, read through different samples of wedding vows and poems until you find the words that fees right and special to you. Or, use them as inspiration for writing a beautiful original wedding vow that will mark the beginning of a new journey together as a couple.

Regardless if you opt for traditional or non- traditional, religious or new age, funny or romantic, if you write them yourself or read a poem someone else wrote, remember to listen to your heart when deciding on your wedding vows. Your partner will appreciate the effort as he or she will feel the love in your words and cherish them forever.