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Wedding Vow Renewals

Wedding vow renewals give couples a chance to do it all over again. There are many reasons for wedding vow renewals including giving the couple the chance of "doing it right the second time," to emphasize an important anniversary or to reaffirm the marriage after a crisis. Others simply want the romance of showing to the world their deepening relationship over time.

Some couples choose wedding vow renewals in order to do it right the second time meaning that perhaps the first time around they went to Las Vegas and now they want a nice church wedding in front of family and friends.

Another reason for doing it right the second time is that sometimes couples feel that the first time was all about the family and friends and the church and now they want it to be all about them.

There are other couples who wish to do their wedding vow renewals on an important anniversary such as the 10th, 25th or even 50th year of marriage. This type of wedding vow renewal typically will take a look at the original set of wedding vows, how the promises have been kept and how the couple wishes to keep those vows and even perhaps add to them or modify and clarify them a bit.

A few couples will wish to renew their wedding vows after a crisis in the marriage. The crisis could be a health issue, infidelity, estrangement or some other issue that has created a wedge between marriage partners. Once the crisis has passed and been worked through, the couple will then want to give testimony and say their wedding vow renewals to each other to reaffirm the next, stronger part of their marriage.

Then, there are the couples who are simply romantics at heart and after many years wish to renew their wedding vows as a testament to each other and their family and friends of their deepened love over time. This couple may take a "before and after" approach to their wedding vow renewals stating this is how love was then and this is how it is now.

Because wedding vow renewals are spiritual and not official, couples usually seek out clergy to perform the ceremonies. Those who don't go this route can also seek out a judge or ship's captain for the renewal ceremony.

Since wedding vow renewals are generally more flexible than the original events, they may be performed almost anywhere. Churches, beaches, banquet halls, parks, chapels, or exotic island getaways are all places that couples choose to deliver their wedding vow renewals.

The important aspect of wedding vow renewals, however, is not the location, but rather the statement of personal commitment. Wedding vow renewals can help reinvigorate a marriage with the deeply felt words and promises of an even better marriage.