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Unusual Wedding Vows

Unusual wedding vows are those that are spoken outside the norm for most traditional weddings. Most of the unusual wedding vows that are spoken are inside less conservative churches or in civil ceremonies.

If you are Jewish, Catholic or some other brand of Christian, there may be little leeway for unusual wedding vows in your church.

However, it is best to check to see if your original wedding vows may be used in the ceremony.

Even inside a nation of many faiths and cultures, one may not be aware of the many unusual wedding vows that exist. For instance, Native Americans from the Apache tribe have their own wedding vows that center not only on the relationship but also on nature mentioning in the vows such elements as rain, storms, clouds and sun.

Buddhist wedding vows may also mention nature as well as meditation in their traditional, yet unusual wedding vows as seen by those outside this religion. Quaker wedding vows may mention "Divine assistance" in helping the couple overcome the hurdles in marriage.

Unusual wedding vows may also be in the form of famous poetry or even lesser known poems. Different religions and cultures such as the Hindus, Zulus and Eskimos offer a rich resource for unusual wedding vows. Lines taken from books and other literature can liven up otherwise traditional and cliché words spoken by many marrying couples.

Celebrity wedding vows many times may be an unusual source of inspiration. Vows from Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller or Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts or Bruce Willis and Demi Moore may serve as a helpful resource for those who wish to write their own vows and keep them out of the mainstream.

Hippie wedding vows and Irish wedding vows may also seem unusual to those on the outside. The most important aspect, however, in writing unusual wedding vows is to first find out what your church or officiant will or will not allow. Once this is decided and the coast is clear for the creative muse to take over, then the sky is the limit.

Unusual wedding vows still need to retain the message of personal commitment. Otherwise, how this is stated is up to the preferences and personal taste of the couple.