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Traditional Wedding Vows

Traditional wedding vows still have a place in the hearts of many. Regardless of what your tradition or faith is, regardless of where you come from and where you live, the chance is there is a plethora of wedding vows that are considered traditional.

And, there is a reason why some wedding vows become traditional. Traditional wedding vows are in most instances timeless and classic words of importance that suit every wedding ceremony.

Be it through movies you have seen, books you have read or the weddings you have attended in your lifetime, these words were by all means etched in your brain at some point and you can not think of any better words that would mark the occasion of embarking on a new journey together with your partner.

Nowadays it is becoming more of a trend to use the non-traditional wedding vows and while there is nothing wrong with being funny or quirky if that is your personal style, many couples prefer traditional wedding vows.

Traditional weddings vows are words that have been used in wedding ceremonies by couples for decades and in a way, they represent a symbolic link to the past. But also, traditional wedding vows are classic and timeless and as such give your wedding ceremony that special note of solemness that no other wedding vow could give.

While you may have stressed over the dress, the shoes, the cake and the flowers, it is important to give your wedding vows time and consideration as well. They represent the most special moment of your wedding ceremony and give a tone to your wedding day. Wedding vows are the soul of the blessed event.

And, if you feel stumped for words that will best describe the love and joy you are feeling in your heart, there is nothing wrong with sticking to "to have and to hold, to love and to cherish." There is a reason why these words are called traditional wedding vows.

And, by all means you are not limited in your choices. There are traditional wedding vows if you are a Native American, Jewish, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist or a Catholic. You will have plenty of choices.

Talk to the minister or the officiant that will perform the ceremony, as they will help you with picking the traditional vows that feel best to you. Talk it over with your partner. Even though you are making the declaration of love before the heavens and the witnesses in the end it is about the two of you.

You are taking your relationship to another level of commitment but also with your wedding vows you are pledging your love and marking the occasion of beginning a new life together. Pick traditional wedding vows that will best describe what is in your heart. Remember to give it some time and thought, as no matter what, you will remember these important words for the rest of your life.