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Sample 2 Redneck
Wedding Vows

Red Neck Wedding Vows of Elmer and Prudence Fudge

My dearest Prudence, I am so glad to be here by your side today maken you my little love muffin for life.

When I knelt down in frount of you asken you to be my bride, with your daddy standing over us with a shot gun cause you was late, I knew you'd make a good wife.

People said we'd never make it cause we was cousins and all, and our parents were married, but after their devorce I knew it was OK for me to chase your skirt. I was so happy when you let me get under that skirt too.

Yes Prudence, we have 3 great youngens, I can't belive people said our babies would have 9 heads cause we was related and all. I just want to tell them doubten folk that you can marry and have babies with your half sister cousin and they won't have no 9 heads cause we are liven proof of that. Cause once the doctors seperated the simese twins and removed little Elmer Jr.'s third arm and what appeared to be a tail, our children turned out just fine.

So Prudence thank you for becommen my bride today. You look so beautiful in your plaid overhalls with the stretch panel on the front.

I can't wait to get you home and once I greases the pan of me truck to get you out, I looks forward to maken some sweet loven to you my precious.

Your loven husband Elmer Fudge.