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Original Wedding Vows

Original wedding vows help a couple to express their love, devotion and lifelong commitment to each other in a way that is unique to each personality.

Wedding vows are the heart and soul of any ceremony, as through them you are making a promise to love and cherish the person who is the One for you.

But also, the vows symbolize the celebration of the beginning of the rest of your life, a beginning of a new adventure that you will experience together, as a husband and wife.

When it comes to the original wedding vows, the options are nearly endless. Original wedding vows can come from a poem you have written, or words taken from a part of a play or movie that you've seen or even a piece of graffiti that you've observed. Original wedding vows can be romantic, heartfelt, poignant, soulful, playful and fun. Let your personality shine through and make your wedding vows original and unique.

In case you are a happy-go-lucky, laid back and easygoing person, this can shine through your original wedding vows. Or, if you happen to be on the intense end of the spectrum, this also can come through in your vows.

If you do decide to write your own original wedding vows, share them with your partner ahead of the ceremony. He or she should be aware of the vows, just so that they are not taken by surprise on your wedding day. Consider how your wedding ceremony is structured and how much can you express in your original wedding vows so that they convey the message you would like to be caught on tape for eternity.

Also, it would be a good idea to consult the officiant, the minister or whoever is the person who is going to be performing the ceremony ahead of time to see if they have any conflicts with you and your soon-to-be spouse reciting your own original wedding vows. If you are getting married in a religious ceremony of some sort, it might be that you will have to say canonized wedding vows, so check ahead of time to see what the protocol is.

Checking ahead of time is a good idea since the officiant himself might have a personal objection to you doing your own vows. The officiant or minister is also a good resource on how long your original wedding vows should be. You do not want to recite a novel that will give your partner the "deer in the headlights" stare.

In case you have decided to add a bit of humor to your wedding vows, that is perfectly acceptable, however make sure to do your original wedding vows in good taste since you will be in front of an audience of family, friends and especially children. While you might love to be funny, there is no reason why the wedding vows should offend anyone present.

Remember to write your vows only for your groom or bride to be and not lose focus by using the vows to engage someone else present for the ceremony. The wedding vows are a me-to-you message so keep on point and on focus and you'll do fine.

Remember that original wedding vows can be expressed in a poem, a funny speech or psalm, or even a haiku if that is your taste. The most important aspect is in the content of the message over and above the manner in which it is delivered. Just say whatever is in your heart and then get ready for the rest of your happy life together.