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Marriage Vows

Marriage vows are the most important part of your wedding ceremony. Marriage vows are the heart and the soul of any wedding, being that they are simple, yet important words that will convey to the world your decision to have and to hold, to love and to cherish your partner as long as you both shall live.

And, although these vows contain relatively simple and short words and phrasing, their meaning is immense in magnitude and proportion. Marriage vows state a commitment between bride and groom that will last to the end of their lives.

Finding the right words for such a solemn occasion can be difficult for anyone. In regard to marriage vows some people consult their friends and family and even people they do not know yet in order to find the right words. So, it is wise to think about the marriage vows long before the ceremony itself is due as this will help you calm the pre-wedding jitters you might be feeling.

And remember there is no right or wrong way to go about writing marriage vows nowadays. Consult with the minister or the official that will perform the ceremony as to what your options are. Some religious services might not allow you to write your own marriage vows, while some might be more accommodating.

For those who do allow customized wedding vows, one option would be to go for the question and answer format, where the minister will ask you a set of questions and you and your partner will respond. There is also an option of the responsive vow where first the groom and then the bride repeat sentences after the minister.

Both of these options might help you share the burden, ease the stress and make your heart lighter so you can relax and enjoy the ceremony. . In case you have opted for a religious ceremony, canonized or religious vows can be found at your place of worship. Consult your minister or pastor as to what your options are.

Still another option is that you can also write the marriage vows yourself. Writing your own marriage vows is a simple yet heartfelt and sincere way to express the undying love you feel for your partner. In case only one of you is comfortable with writing the marriage vows, you can offer to help your partner to come up with something that feels right to him or her.

And, there are many sources of inspiration you can draw upon when writing your marriage vows. Draw inspiration from something that speaks to you. Read a poem, make the vows funny, make them romantic as it does not matter which way you choose to go. Your marriage vows are yours and yours alone so there is no right or wrong way to express your love and commitment to your partner, as long as you speak from the heart.

Remember, marriage vows are a promise of love and commitment. Simply state to your partner and the world what this means to you and you cannot help but speak your feelings perfectly.