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Hippie Wedding Vows

What the heck are hippie wedding vows, anyhow? Well, do you know how to tie-dye? Do you now how to read other people's auras? Do you consult the angel cards on the daily basis? Have you gone through a rebirthing session?

Have you danced naked under a full moon? Most likely you do not like people who give off negative vibes, you have visited an ashram, know a shaman and gone vegan for a while.

You know where your chakras are and what pagan means. Sounds familiar? Oh yes, you are a hippie alright. There is no need to deny it.

But, there is no need to be embarrassed about it as well. Over the years we have learned to associate hippies with long hair and bellbottoms, VW vans and LSD. However, the premise behind the hippie movement was anything but a frivolous one. By focusing on the obvious, we have the tendency to miss the not so obvious.

On the more personal level, hippies sought to free themselves from the restrictions put on them by society and make their own way through life, finding a new meaning and purpose that felt true to their hearts. On the global level, hippies have opposed the war in Vietnam, they have opposed the use of nuclear weapons, started the sexual revolution and rejected the established institutions. Instead, hippies have choosen the life of love, peace and personal freedom. So you see, in the end it was not about the tie-dye after all.

If you are a hippie at heart, be it the "old-school" kind or the more recent neo-hippie kind, you have all the freedom in the world to create a wedding ceremony that will be a memorable and a heartfelt one. You can have the ceremony at Stonehenge or your back yard. You can wear a wreath in your hair or have bare feet and your guests will not mind much.

In fact, they might have the time of their lives taking their shoes off to join in with the groom and the bride. When choosing your hippie wedding vows the sky is the limit. No rules apply here only speaking from your heart and soul and letting the world know that the person standing next to you is the One, your soul mate and life partner.

You can pick traditional Hindu wedding vows, or the Apache prayer, you can talk about souls merging on the higher plains and former lives. These are all legitimate hippie wedding vows. And, even though you might not be big on tradition, ceremonies or rules that usually apply, your wedding vows are still the life and the soul of the wedding ceremony.

Hippie weddings vows are not much different from any other wedding vows. You are pledging your undying love for your soulmate and professing it before family, friends, Mother Earth, the moon and the stars. Make it heartfelt and personal and speak with love. After all that is (and was) what hippie movement is about now isn't it?