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Fairytale Wedding Vows

The first thing that comes to any woman's mind when someone says the words fairytale wedding is, you have guessed it, Cinderella. Even some of the self-professed emancipated woman cannot help but sigh at the mere thought of having a fairytale wedding that will make them feel like a Cinderella at least for a day.

While you might be in the midst of wedding day preparations and someone says to you that in the Cinderella story one of the evil stepsisters chopped off her toe so that she could fit her foot in the glass slipper your question would probably "Were they Jimmy Choos?"

Yes, fact remains some of the versions of this story are particularly gruesome. However, no matter how much we try to deny it, women will, when the truth be told, resort to some extreme measures for the perfect wedding. And, deep down in our hearts of hearts we desire the puffball dress, our own version of a glass slipper, Prince Charming at the altar and happily ever after.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be and most importantly feeling like a princess on your wedding day. So, if that is your dream, plan your wedding around your favorite fairytale, set the theme and work around it so that you make your wedding day not just nice and lovely but also truly unforgettable.

While deciding on the cake, the shoes, the flowers and wedding favors, do not forget to put some thought into your fairytale wedding vows as well. Hey, you are marrying your very own Prince Charming are you not? Okay, the concept of having a soulmate is a relatively modern term however the premise is the same.

It does not matter if you decide to opt for the more traditional "to love and to cherish and to have and to hold, till death do us part" vows or you decide express the love you feel for your partner with a poem or just in your own words. If you have put time, thought and your heart and soul into planning your perfect fairytale wedding, put some thought into your fairytale wedding vows as well.

After all, this is the part of the ceremony where you profess your undying love, respect and support to the person standing opposite of you. Make it memorable, since you are professing the purest form of love that you can experience as a human being on this planet.

Your fairytale wedding vows can be as simple as I love you or they can be profound and deeply touching, there is no shame in listening to your heart and expressing the love you are feeling, after all this is your fairytale wedding and the person standing right in front of you is the One.

Wedding ceremonies are a cup of heartfelt love, a dash of excitement and a pinch of elegance, dignity, respect all rolled into one. And sure, shoes and the dress are important, however your fairytale wedding vows will be the heart and the soul of the ceremony. Do them justice and pick them from your heart. If you've grown up with the Wonderful World of Disney or wish you had, you'll want to recite fairytale wedding vows to your lover on that special day. Just start them with the words, "To my Prince, I thee wed "