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Christian Wedding Vows

Christian wedding vows are not only promises made between couples, but a covenant made with God as well. All wedding vows are the central point of any ceremony, but Christian wedding vows take on extra import since the words constitute a sacred union of husband and wife within the particular religious framework.

If you are a Christian, then your Christian wedding vows are a testimony before your friends and family and before God that you love your partner and you have chosen him or her for eternity despite all the obstacles the marriage and life will present.

And, although there is a structure to the Christian wedding ceremony, that does not mean there is no leeway and that you have no freedom to make your own Christian wedding vows personal and unique.

Even the Bible itself does not give any particular order of service or guidelines, so truly you may have a lot of freedom to be creative depending upon the church the ceremony is held in. It is good to keep in mind that the Christian wedding ceremony should be first and foremost the expression of worship and your testimony before God, in an occasion of joy, celebration of love and respect.

Many Christian wedding ceremonies follows a structure, depending upon the church and particular sect of faith. Many churches will give general guidelines that allow marrying couples to change the structure somewhat if they feel that is right for them.

In very general terms, the Christian wedding ceremony begins with The Call of Worship and then the Opening Prayer follows it. The father of the bride then gives away the bride. Another hymn follows.

Next on the order of service, are the charge of the bride and groom, the pledge and the recitation of the Christian wedding vows. Bride and groom exchange the rings, light the Unity candle and the pastor or minister pronounces you man and wife. There can also be a communion and a closing prayer.

What are included in Christian wedding vows? With Christian wedding vows you are making a promise to your partner that despite all the obstacles you might encounter in this lifetime together you will be there for him or her to support, love and help them become all that God created them to be.

And, while these words might have been said between the two of you before this is an open declaration of your love to God, to the world and to everyone present. They are sacred vows.

There are number of ways in which this can be said and made into a unique expression of love. Your minister or pastor can help you during the preparation process to find the wording that feels the most natural, loving and personal to you. Also, there is many times much leeway in regard to a bride and groom saying different Christian wedding vows to each other.

Again, as wedding vows are the focal point of any ceremony, choose what feels the most loving, personal and right to you. Christian wedding vows are all about the bond and promise between you, your partner and God. You will remember the words you have used for the rest of your life and so will your partner. Stay true to your heart.