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Catholic Wedding Vows

Catholic wedding vows usually involve a traditional set of words spoken between the priest and the couple during the ceremony. The Catholic wedding vows are fairly standardized and a way for couples to declare their love and faith to each other and to God and the Church at the same time.

Regardless if you were born into the Catholic religion or you have chosen to convert, it is good to be prepared and know exactly what to expect when you are a having a Catholic wedding ceremony.

If you are getting married in a Roman Catholic Church your wedding ceremony can have two forms. One form would be as a part of the Mass, while the other from would be outside of the Mass. What is the main difference between the two? The Eucharist.

To put it simply, if you decide for your wedding to be held within the context of the Mass, it will be just like the Sunday Mass with the wedding thrown in the middle. If the wedding is outside of the Mass, there is no Eucharist; however there will be Liturgy of the Word (readings from the scriptures, a homily and a psalm) and the Nuptial rights, which are basically your Catholic wedding vows.

Therefore, it is best to consult with your priest and decide which form of Catholic wedding ceremony would fit best with your needs and wishes. Although there is a structure to the Catholic wedding, that does not preclude you from giving your unique touch at the ceremony through the choice of psalms, Marian devotions and the songs that are going to be performed.

What is the premise of a Catholic wedding ceremony? According to Catholic belief, there are four basic elements that constitute the marriage. Marriage is a union between the woman and the man, a union of opposite sexes with the purpose of procreation.

Marriage is also a lifelong union, that can only be terminated by the death of spouse and by its contract it excludes any other person. The exclusiveness is guaranteed by the contract you and your partner decided to make through your Nuptial Rights.

This is the traditional aspect of the Catholic wedding ceremony. However a marriage is also a sacrament, in the case when two baptized Catholics enter the agreement with the intentions towards marriage. And, this willingness and the intention to contract a true marriage are what make the participants the actual ministers of the sacrament itself.

Catholic wedding vows or the Nuptial rights have a form that have to be followed. Through the course of organizing your Catholic wedding, the priest will familiarize you with the procedure itself.

The Catholic wedding vows may be a simple call and response between the priest and the couple. For instance, the priest will read the vows and the bride or groom will reply by saying "I do." Or the couple may have a written response or have to memorize a short response to the priest.

In addition, usually during the recitation of the Catholic wedding vows, the priest asks the couple whether they have made the choice to be wed through their own personal free will, also about the willingness to be faithful to each other and acceptance and willingness to have children and bring them up together.

Catholic wedding vows by their traditional nature give a sense of community and belonging. For those who wish a little personalization, consult with the priest so that you can add personal touches to the ceremony through psalms, music and prayers. Between the vows and ceremony, couples can have the best of both worlds of tradition and personal preference.