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Wedding Vows Now

Wedding vows are promises that couples speak to each other yet before witnesses during a marriage ceremony. Wedding vows usually incorporate certain traditional elements when they are written or spoken. Promises of unconditional love and affection, faithfulness and permanence are included in most vows.


Unique Wedding Favors


Most vows are derived from traditional religious ceremonies, though many times can be embellished or modified to fit the personalities and wishes of the participants. Love poems and music lyrics can often be revised and integrated into more traditional wedding vows.

Though many choose traditional vows for their marriage ceremonies, there are also a few other types that should be considered as well. For instance, some people opt for non-traditional wedding vows or those that are personalized, religion-based or interfaith-based. Additional types of vows include remarriage, cultural and intercultural.

For the more light-hearted, humorous vows may even be appropriate if done in good taste. Sometimes a little fun and silliness can break the gravity of the situation and put things into perspective.

Rules of Engagement ...

Some people are curious about celebrity vows and wish to emulate what say Bruce and Demi or Julia and Lyle or Elvis and Priscilla said during their marriage ceremonies. The rule about wedding vows, however, is that there are no hard and fast rules.

Typical guidelines suggest that vows be loving, respectful and put forth the message of caring and commitment. But, for some non-traditionalists, the marriage vows may be as simple as "I love you, now let's go for it". The First Amendment with free speech rights say that this is perfectly acceptable.

The most important thing to remember, however, that some seem to forget, is that marriage vows are meant for the couple and no one else.

The vows they will say to each other may be witnessed before God, country and loved ones, but it is their personal message and commitment to each other that is important. Outside influences and opinions will many times be unwelcomed in this area.

So, explore the wedding vows on this site and take what works and leave what doesn't. If you have a vow that you would like to add, please feel free to send it in.

Like or Share ...

Perhaps in your own marriage or marriage-to-be you have a special message, you'd like to share, then we'd like to hear it. Share your marriage vows with the other visitors to this site and help them with their special day that they will remember forever. You do like to share now don't you?